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Mapping IP Assets

Feb 8, 2020 | IP Management

Mapping IP Assets

In Managing IP across your portfolio it is important to understand where your IP assets exist and at what stage applications exist for each country you intent to protect your assets (Pending, granted, oppositions, proceedings). Geo Maps may be developed for each IP asset or for a group IP assets that have been developed to a single piece for technology or product. (E.g. patents, designs and trade marks).

Additionally, all related IP application and maintenance costs for each year can be displayed and broken down to represent each asset. This level for analysis allows you to plan for future costs for each IP assets as well as prioritize IP protection investments.

Patent Maintenance Activities

As a business manager, you are always looking to generate quick reports that compile the companies IP assets and costs. You can now develop simple and profession but customised reports on each IP item you are managing. These reports can be developed in minutes and emailed directly to executive managers and directors.