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About IP Active


We help our clients achieve commercial success and to grow as a business.  We assess research investments and their value.  We manage investment partnerships and find the best possible protection and markets for innovation and products.

01. Strategic

We start by understanding the whole project and desired outcomes and how that fits within the strategic plan of your organisation.  We build capacity in your organisation by increasing skills by working along side you to achieve your goals.

02. Professional

Our strength lies in our team and their skills in technology evaluation and commercialisation. Our expertise comes from working as researchers, senior managers, CEO’s in start-up’s and directors in a range of companies.

03. focused

Our focus is on the hard end of commercialisation and driving activities to deliver commercial success.  We understand the power and process of accelerator and incubator programs. We work with you to achieve commercial success.

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Since 2008 we have worked closely with clients, helping them identify and manage their intellectual property and how to best commercialise science outcomes.

In 2018, IP Active was born.  We decided it was time to change our name to something that reflects what we do.  We work with our clients to get their technology moving to achieve commercial success.

Our parent company, TechMAC was founded by Dallas Gibb in 2008 after spending 20 years working in agriculture, managing R&D and technology commercialisation.

With our first clients, we worked closely with them assessing IP management and reporting procedures, including IP Audits to identify risks in project management.  Our client base has expanded to include R&D corporations, Universities and private enterprise.


Projects Assessed

Commercial Plans Completed

Patents Searched

Trainings Given


What We Do Best

Assess Value

Assess value of R&D Investments and technologies in the market.

Work with Teams

We work with your R&D team to set realistic technical and commercial milestones.

Develop & Manage

We work with you to develop and manage IP protection and commercial strategies.

Assess Risk

We assess IP and commercial risks to your R&D Portfolio so you can make better decisions.

Find & Engage

We find and engage commercial partners who see value in your technology

Establish & Negotiate

Establish and manage Tech Start-ups to negotiating commercial partnership or licensing deal.

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