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For Universities

As major research providers for rural industry, universities play an important role in bringing new innovation to Australian producers. Ensuring research is focused on outcomes linked to industry needs means funding is more secure.


How we work with Universities

Universities are major providers of research, working with research bodies and industry. IP Active regularly works with universities to assess research and funding proposals.  We assist universites take a commercial view of their so that project outcomes are easily commercialised and of benefit to industry quickly.

We work with universities to develop start ups right through to connecting them with commercial companies who can take their project outcomes to market.

Talk to us about your funding proposal so that you are in the best position to meet industry needs and secure funding for the research to be undertaken.

IP Management Systems

Research teams continually develop innovations.  It is essential to have systems in place to track the development of innovations from the start of the concept to commercial success.

IP Services

The team at IP Active work with research and development teams, their managers and investors to understand the IP risks of a proposed investment or product development.

Technology Evaluation

Research and development teams should continually evaluate the products and technologies that they are developing. Such evaluation should include technical and commercial objectives.


At IP Active we regularly assist our clients through the process of commercialisation. the right commercial strategy to be developed and make it easier to find the right commercial partners.

Training & Workshops

IP Active delivers IP Training and Workshops tailored to your organisations needs.  We use real case studies developed from experiences of the organisation so new skills will be put into practise right away.

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Securing industry cooperation and funding for research ensures that universities are addressing real needs for Australian industry.  To make sure your project outputs are linked to commercial milestone, talk with IP Active today.

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