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Our services are designed to assist you identify, understand, track and manage your intellectual property so that commercialisation becomes a reality.


We work with  you

The one size fits all approach isn’t how we work. We work with you to understand your needs, the needs of your business or industry and the future objectives you want to achieve.

Ip Registers

Track investments that develop intellectual property.  Know what intellectual property has been brought to a project.

IP Services

We work with your R&D team to understand IP risks of a proposed investment or product development.  Understand your IP and its potential value.

R&D Investment Evaluation

R&D investment requires continual review and evaluation of the technologies developed.  We regularly evaluate emerging and developing areas of science and technology so you know where it is placed in the market.

Commercialisation Plans

Commercial success starts by having a clear understanding the customer and the value proposition that is provided by a new innovation.  These two factors allow the right commercial strategy to be developed and make it easier to find the right commercial partners.

Training & Workshops

Build capacity in your team and organisation.  We deliver training tailored to your organisations needs.


Who we work with


We work with universities so that they can be confident they deliver industry relevant research that can be commercialised to benefit industry. We build capacity in teams.

Research & Development corporations

We work with RDC’s to evaluate investment in research, develop commercialisation plans and review and manage IP developed from research investments to ensure industry gains maximum benefits.


We work with business to ensure they identify and protect valuable IP created through their business activities.  Having a commercialisation plan ensures products are delivered for profitability.

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