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Robotics is a major area of investment in research and development today. We understand that making sure investments made are of real benefit to industry is a priority for managers and executive of RDC’s.


How we work with Robotics

The commercial success of robotic technology may not be in the final machine or device that customers purchase.  Often, the commercial value is found in the technology that allows the robot to do the task it was designed to do.

We assist our clients develop IP protection and commercial strategies for their robotic technologies by breaking it down into the four core elements  We then understand what is novel and what provides a competitive advantage for them in the market.

Robotic Technology involves four core elements


Vision and sensor systems for image capture.


Software and machine learning approaches for analysing input data (Big data), captured images and developing outputs data that can be used to control a function;


Machine platform design and related functional elements such as robotic arm etc.

Control systems

Machine control systems – linking sensor, image and data to machine operations.

Case Study

01. Field Robotics

The initial goal of our client was to design a robotic platform that could perform various functions in crop management.  Through assessment of the technologies it was evident that their core strengths lay in linking vision and crop stress and growth analysis and related software systems.  Their commercial strategy and business model could expand to one that allowed their innovations to be used across a range of third party platforms for both fully and semi-autonomous applications


02. fabrication

Prefabrication of products is a major growth area across the building sector.  Our client has designed a robotic solution for the production for commonly used products used in the internal fit out of a building.  The client has not only developed a novel method to produce the products but also a software solution to allow seamless processing for linking product orders to production.  To secure long term growth of the business across international markets we worked closely with the client to develop suitable IP protection and business strategies.  The success of these strategies were measured against revenue targets for the new products.

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IP Active reviews robotic projects and works with R&D managers to ensure outcomes from robotic investments aligns with industry needs and expectations.

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