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Nerida o'shea

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Nerida O’Shea is a Certified Inteum Administrator and has a Bachelor of Science (Hons) – Chemistry from the University of Queensland. With a varied career in Australia and the United Kingdom, Nerida has extensive experience in research, technical roles and in IP management. Developing strong ties with the Inteum Company over the last few years, Nerida designs and creates customised client Inteum Web systems, help-desk support as well as group, individual and video tutorial training on various aspects of using Inteum.


For more than 20 years, Nerida has worked in multidisciplinary environments both in Australia and internationally. Nerida has a particular expertise in data assessments, preparing reports and liaising with clients on their product development needs. She promotes open communication with both senior executive staff and program managers.

After several years in industry and research, Nerida worked for IP Australia as a Patent Examiner in 1996. During this time, Nerida honed her IP assessment and report writing skills which required great attention to detail to excel in this position.

In 2015, Nerida joined TechMAC Pty Ltd to provide technical and IP management expertise to agricultural and higher education industries. She has been responsible for reviewing and interpreting data assessments and for preparing submissions to private and government research and development organisations.

Nerida O'Shea

IP Analyst

Mobile:  0412532137

Email: nerida@ipactive.com.au

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