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for rDc's

As major investors in research and development for industry we understand that making sure investments made are of real benefit to industry is a priority for managers and executive of RDC’s.


How we work with RDC’s

As major funding providers for research and development activities for the industries they represent, RDC’s are responsible for making decisions that will benefit industry. 

At IP Active, we review research funding proposals and work with various stakeholders to ensure project outputs are linked with commercial milestones.

We assist with IP management in the organisation and provide tailored, in house training, to managers to improve IP identification and management through the lifecycle of a project.

If you are involved with projects that contain valuable IP, talk with us today about improving the management of IP within the project and organisation.

IP Registers

Any investor in research and development (R&D) needs to be able to track those investments that develop IP. IP Active are experienced in designing, developing and establishing Inteum IP Management systems for our clients.

IP Services

IP Active works with research and development teams and managers to understand the IP risks of a proposed investment or product development.  We assist organisations understand their IP and its potential value.

R&D Investment evaluation

At IP Active we regularly assist our clients evaluate emerging and developing areas of science and technology. We understand it’s important to continually review the value of investments and the technologies developed from the project investments.


At IP Active we regularly assist our clients through the process of commercialisation. Commercial success is dependent on having the right commercial strategy and finding the right commercial partners.

Training & Workshops

We deliver IP Training and Workshops tailored to your organisations needs.  Training can be delivered in house or via online forums.  All training packages can be customised to meet the client’s needs.

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Making sure the investments made are the ones that will benefit industry is important to RDC’s.  Making sure that projects outputs are linked to clearly defined commercial milestones increases the chances of commercial success and investment return to industry.

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