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Established businesses and startups fuel the Australian economy, injecting hundreds of millions of dollars annually.  Understanding a technology’s value and protecting the IP generated from business activity is something we do everyday.


How we work with Business & Startups

At IP Active we work with established business and startups. We help you develop a clear commercialisation strategy, create beneficial partnerships and an IP protection strategy that makes sense for your business.

Market assessment

IP Active regularly helps clients to identify the right market for their product and, if needed, the right partnerships to get them in the market faster.

Technology Evaluation

Understanding a technology and where it is best placed in the market is the first step in the commercialisation process.  The team at IP Active regularly review and evaluate new technology and advise on its place in the market.


Understanding a technology and its value to your business is a smart move for business owners.  IP Active provides simple training solutions to business owners to better understand and manage the IP they develop from their business activities.  Training can be provided face-to-face or online.  

Ip Risk

Intellectual property is a valuable asset in every business.  Understanding and addressing risks to your IP helps business make better decisions during the commercialisation process.

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