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A dedicated software intellectual property management system is essential if portfolio managers are to make intelligent and informed decisions using the most recent information available.


How we solve IP management

Having to go back many years through several projects to get answers to who contributed to the IP of a project and to identify who owns the project IP created is time consuming and reduces confidence in the accuracy of your data.

When data is buried away, critical deadlines and renewal dates are easily overlooked. Automated reminders and emailed notifications ensure that important dates are not missed and relevant staff are notified to follow up on a deadline.  This ‘set and forget’ features of a dedicated IP management system ensures that the right people get notified of the right tasks at the right time.

At IP Active we have experience in understanding an organisations needs when it comes to implementing an Intellectual Property Management system. If you would like to know more about implementing an IP Management system in your organisation, contact IP Active for a demonstration of how a customised system can improve IP management in your organisation. 


IP software systems need to be customisable to client needs to ensure best use of the system.  In-house terms and data architecture needs to be incorporated so that all communications and records are stored together and are easily retrieved when needed.

capture & track

IP is captured and tracked from concept to commercial development and IP information is retained despite staff movements, so no knowledge is lost.  Activities need to be easily managed to reduce the risk of losing IP or your rights to use your innovation, through the tracking of license and agreement management.


Security of sensitive data is paramount. The ability to control access rights can protect IP records while allowing others to read and report on such information. A secure hosted system that is web based ensures easy integration into workflows.  Automatic system software updates, means no inconvenient downtime with regular up-grades reflecting user feedback, ensure the system develops to meet the needs of users.


The R&D Collaborative Portal allows all contributors to a project access to the system to share and update project progress as it happens. Emails may be automatically tracked against a project or IP record. The ability to generate tasks and reports using the latest data ensures that managers are making decisions based on up to date information.


Real time reports need to be easily generated and based on up to date data.  The ability to map your IP by technology, by project, by ownership or by equity allows complex relationships across data records from multiple stakeholders to be retrieved and presented easily and quickly.

Prioritise Activities

IP risk areas can be automated, flagged and reported within interactive dashboards.  This allows managers to prioritise activities, allocate tasks to staff.  These activities can be customised as corporate letters and automatically sent to clients or licensees as reminders of upcoming or overdue reporting requirements.

costs & revenue

Map historical and future costs and revenue streams that relates to a technology or project.  This includes IP costs as well as revenues to be gained from licenses or products sales.

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IP Active is experienced in managing IP and implementing ip managment systems in a wide range of organisations.

If you would like a demonstration of how an IP management system can improve an organistions ip management, contact us today to arrange a time for a demonstration.

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