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Our Team


Our team at IP Active come from diverse backgrounds but what binds us together is our focus and energy. We have a wealth of experience in the R&D sector.

01. Experience

Our experience comes from years of working with industry and business.

02. Professional

We understand that discretion and confidentiality are important.

03. Loyal

When we work with you, we become a member of your team, with your needs a priority.

Dallas Gibb

For over 20 years I worked in the Agricultural Research and Development Industry, initially in sales for multinational companies and then as an extension officer in the Cotton Industry. As an extension officer I was responsible for taking the great research and ideas out into the field to help producers adopt better work practices and farming methods to improve production and yield while lessening the impact on the environment.

  • Commercial Management
  • IP Landscape review
  • Project reviews

Nerida O’Shea

Nerida O’Shea is a Certified Inteum Administrator and has a Bachelor of Science (Hons) – Chemistry from the University of Queensland. With a varied career in Australia and the United Kingdom, Nerida has extensive experience in research, technical roles and in IP management. Developing strong ties with the Inteum Company over the last few years, Nerida designs and creates customised client Inteum Web systems, help-desk support as well as group, individual and video tutorial training on various aspects of using Inteum.

  • Ip Analyst
  • Inteum user design
  • project reviews

Cherie Gibb

I work with our clients to help them identify their target market or ideal client and then create a clear and achievable business plan to ensure their product, service or research not only meets the needs of their target market but is actually needed by their target market.

Much of my work centres on identifying our client’s ideal client or market is and the simplest  way to access them once the product, service or research is ready for market/launch.

Unless you know who it is you solve a problem for, you are going to miss the mark.

  • Business case
  • Target market
  • Strategic marketing

Steve Davis

Dr Stephen Davis has considerable experience in IP generation and management. He has a wide range of experience in managing the product development process from concept to market, both as a director and managing director of numerous successful start-up companies as well as in large multinational corporations.

Steve has in depth knowledge and expertise in business planning, strategy development and venture capital raising.

  • Commercial Management
  • Strategy development
  • product commercialisation

Chris Burnett

Chris has over 20 years’ experience as a company director, having served as CEO/MD or chairman on fourteen boards, including seven in Australia. Through his executive management roles, he has extensive hands-on experience in building innovative companies and teams from the ground up and the development and commercialisation of new products and services.

Chris is entrepreneurial, highly results orientated & profit-focused, but is very much a team player, with a participative management style. He has personally sold products and services to businesses in over 24 countries.

  • Commercial Management
  • IP Landscape review
  • Project reviews

Charlie Gibb

Currently studying a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Queensland University of Technology, Charlie joined IP Active in 2018.  He assists with business case development and economic analysis and works with us on a casual basis.

  • Economic Analysis
  • Business Case
  • Number crunching

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