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About Minuet IProject

Minuet IProject provides advanced solutions for project based IP management. It enables manager to track the development and movement of IP across projects and investment partners so you can understand your rights to ownership and share of income.

01. Cloud Based

Minuet IProject is a cloud based system that enables it to be accessed anywhere via an internet connection.  The Minuet IProject system is backed up daily to ensure data is never lost.  Portal access means collaborators can access and update the system as they need to.

02. Secure

Minuet IProject understands the need for security.  The Minuet IProject system configuration allows for access to be defined by groups or individuals with access determined by project or technology.  Tracking ensures changes can be traced to who made them and when. 

03. Customisable

Minuet IProject can be used right out of the box or can be customised to meet specific needs with customisation of user interface including an Inventor Portal that allows continual contributions from research project collaborators. 

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Since 1992, Inteum has been a leader in the IP management software solutions space.  Inteum provides high quality, customer focused services that includes a user friendly, secure, cloud based system.

In 2015, IP Active partnered with Inteum to provide a premium service to our clients who manage large research and IP portfolios.  As certified Inteum Minuet administrators, we are familiar with all aspects of the Minuet system, from its capabilities, customisation, in house training and system configuration. 

We take the time to ensure that, once implemented, your organisation gets the maximum benefit right from first implementation.  We ensure that the system supports daily workflows and all staff members involved in using Inteum understand the benefits of the system and how it helps in the management of their research portfolio and potential IP generated from the project.

Minuet IProject has been specifically designed for R&D organisations managing a number of R&D project investments.  It has been designed through consultation with leading research organisations in Australia. IP Active has exclusive rights in the design and support of Minuet IProject.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is Minuet IProject?

Minuet IProject is one of only a few IP software platforms allowed in high security government and corporate networks.
● An Minuet IProject database is built with security as a major feature from the beginning;
●  Minuet IProject has a robust user management and authentication system – absolute security with password and username protection with authentication via a valid user account;
● Only internationally accepted cryptography algorithms are used to secure sensitive data in Minuet IProject;
● Transfer of this data to and from the database is always sent via SSL/TLS and encrypted during transport. Access to sensitive data is only granted to users with that privilege or higher. No sensitive data is ever stored in cookies or any other client side storage mechanism. Sensitive data is also never transferred via URL or HTTP;
● All data and documents passed between Minuet IProject and the server is encrypted by default. Documents are encrypted when uploading or downloading in Minuet IProject by default;
● Guidelines and best practice recommendations are used;
● Third party security organisations including Hewlett Packard’s Web Application Vulnerability Assessment Test have verified Minuet IProject’s security profile.

How easy is Minuet IProject to use?

Minuet IProject’s multi-panel layout provides a high level overview of the recorded information with easy capacity to drill down into the data to allow more questions to be answered.  Extensive search capabilities exist, whether a search is needed by project code, key word, researcher, technology or any combination of these.

Minuet IProject’s user interface (UI) has been fine tuned over several iterations over the past 25 years. When a user makes a mistake, the Minuet IProject’s system provides an error message and easy ways to correct any input. Minuet IProject’s UI allows retrieval of the most recent records with one click and if a record is closed by mistake, recovery of the record is easily made.

Minuet IProject’s daily auto-backup enables recovery of key records if incorrect data is added or removed from the system.

Can we have multiple users located in different locations?

Minuet IProject is a cloud based system accessible anywhere via the internet with data backed up every 24 hours.

Access to Minuet IProject is completely password and username protected so data cannot be accessed without first authenticating with a valid user account. User account access can be turned on or off via administrative functions so users who leave an organization or are banned from the application cannot use their previous credentials for access.

Secure access control options include:

  • Set control over user access and use rights by project or technology;
  • Access by groups or individuals;
  • User tracking  – when and who made changes to records.

Minuet IProject’s Researcher Portal allows continual contributions from research project collaborators. The Portal can hold multiple disclosure templates inside the Portal, suitable for a multi-department organisation with different invention disclosure needs.

Can Minuet IProject be used to track licensing and royalties?

Minuet IProject’s activity management easily tracks critical activities and action items across a business knowledge supply chain.

Identifying upcoming deadlines or due dates and creating tasks can be done under a user’s custom priorities.

This ensures the capacity to set critical date reminders for each aspect of IP management, including IP registrations and related licensing agreements.     

Activity management provides a process for generating, delegating and tracking IP management across activities or tasks including critical date reminders.

Form letter templates can be generated and emailed regarding IP management to allow greater efficiency in IP and project management.

Minuet IProject’s Sentinel Notification system can continually monitor and automatically report on matters that influence IP portfolio performance.

What reporting features doesMinuet IProject have?

Minuet IProject’s comprehensive reporting and analytics tools allow users to quickly and accurately create customised reports, or users can choose from a built-in library of standard reports.

All Minuet IProject’s reports can be printed or exported and refreshed to show the most up-to-date data representation.

Minuet IProject’s reporting capabilities include:

  • Minuet IProject’s Web Dashboard reports give a live snapshot of the database;
  • 130+ Standardised, built in ‘Crystal’ reports ready to use;
  • Instant exporting to Excel;

The ‘Analytics’ arm of Inteum is a comprehensive suite of tools to query, analyze and display Inteum data, allowing export in a variety of formats.

Capabilities include graphical ‘drag & drop’ data analysis, build and design custom reports, create and use interactive dashboards and conduct online patent searches across existing online patent databases.   

The Analytics Query tool allows users to search, filter and sort data from an Inteum Database while the Analysis Tool allows the summation of data, against multiple Inteum fields.

The dashboards created using the Analytics Dashboard Design tool are only limited by your imagination.

How do we customise Minuet IProject?

With IP Active’s support, extensive customisation options are available for a client’s Minuet IProject system.

Unlimited user defined fields can be created to capture data that is not included by default.

Field labels throughout the system can be customised using the Content Management System to match each organisations terminology.

At an individual level, users can customise their workspace, choose how data is displayed in their results lists, and customise reports included in their Dashboard.

Inclusions - What do you get?

The Minuet IProject’s system includes a long list of features.

Both the Inventor and Agreement Portals are standard features of an Minuet IProject and no additional access fees apply.

The standard Minuet IProject package is able to be used off the shelf or with IP Actives’ support can be customised to meet specific needs with customisation of the user interface including client’s branding of the Inventor Portal.

Also included are continual Minuet IProject’s software system upgrade improvements based on user feedback.

Is there support available for setup, customisation and on-going use?

Upon IP Active clarifying a customer’s requirements, including security access, reporting needs and interactions between IP elements, a plan is made to create the user’s own customised and secure cloud based IP system.

As certified Minuet IProject Administrators, IP Active offers a dedicated Minuet IProject ‘Customer Vault License’, customised to each client’s Intellectual Property management requirements. IP Active brings local Australian experienced Minuet IProject setup support and user advice.  We provide extensive system development and hands-on support services in the operation of the system while maintaining overall management and administration support.

IP Active will conduct system testing for data integrity and accessibility as well as monitor selected projects and the use of the Researcher (Inventor) Portal (IP register).

Customised training will be provided by IP Active targeting the use of Minuet IProject by a client’s staff and external users. This will include online training resources specific to the customised system implemented for the client. Materials such as SOPs and tutorial videos will support users in completing their IP Management tasks.  Help-desk support is also available from IP Active for staff in use of the system.

Engaging an Minuet IProject system through IP Active, provides:

  • Access to our local support and knowledge. We provide customised instructions built into the system, such as User Tips and the Research Portal instruction paragraph;
  • Written SOPs including screenshots of a client’s actual system;
  • Recorded videos of step-by-step use of Minuet IProject;
  • Phone help-desk available during local business hours and
  • Face-to-face  support either by an online meeting or in person site visit.

Will Minuet IProject integrate with our existing systems?

The option exists for system integrations to be developed to allow data to be automatically integrated within Minuet IProject.

Inteum offer an ‘Integrate for Inteum’ module,  an enterprise class integration gateway which allows connecting an Inteum system with a wide variety of databases and 3rd party applications, locally or in the cloud, to achieve automated data transfer goals.

‘Integrate for Inteum’ is an optional module with an additional charge and provides fully automated bi-directional data transfer with supported systems, currently for Company, Contact, Financial Receivable and Financial Payable records.

With support for over 400 databases and third party systems, ‘Integrate for Inteum’ provides complete flexibility to channel data into or out of an Inteum system throughout the wider enterprise.

Does Minuet IProject track emails?

An Outlook plugin and Inteum’s internal Email Manager both allow capture of critical emails within Minuet IProject.

Emails can be sent directly from Minuet IProject with the added benefit of tagged emails being automatically associated with the relevant record.  

This Email Auto Association feature allows email replies which include the tag to also be captured. Email attachments can also be saved and sent.

Can we trialMinuet IProject before fully committing to the system?

IP Active can provide a fully functional trial system to potential customers for the very purpose of testing and using the system prior to setting up a customised system.

The trial account can be set up within a day or two and access provided for a limited time (generally 2-3 months).

Data within the trial database is all fictitious with new users welcome to use the database as they want, however, as it is a shared database so no confidential data should be entered.

The main purpose of the trial software access, is to give users a chance to get to know the look and feel of Minuet IProject before they actually purchase it.

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