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IP Management is an important aspect of funding and managing research and development portfolios for many of our clients.  As the number of projects that create valuable intellectual property grows, cost effective ways to record and manage new and existing intellectual property becomes increasingly important to organisations managing large research portfolios.  Ensuring communication and collaboration across R&D Managers, investment partners and research providers is simplified and streamlined is also needed to ensure everyone involved in a project has access to the information important to them.

Inteum® is an IP management system especially designed for R&D organisations.  It has a track record of use across Australian and international universities, public and private R&D based enterprises.

Inteum provides the capacity to manage workflow related to an individual project, investment program (group of projects) and technologies. It can be used to record all activities and communications related to a program, project or technology enabling the effective management of all related IP management and commercialisation activities.  This in turn promotes data integrity and ensures access to all complex data across R&D investments.Inteum Reports

As certified Inteum Administrators IP Active offers a dedicated Inteum ‘Customer Vault License’, customised to each client’s Intellectual Property management requirements. IP Active brings experienced Inteum setup support and user advice. We provide extensive system development and hands-on support services in the operation of the system while maintaining overall management and administration support.

Upon clarifying your requirements, including security access, reporting needs and interactions between IP elements, we plan and create the vault user’s own customised and secure cloud based IP system.