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Protecting Research Investment

For any organisation involved in developing new innovative technologies or products strategic management of intellectual property is vital.  It is important that the right management systems and procedures are in place so that investments are protected.

IP management is not just about protecting your ideas and innovations, it is about creating a system for doing business.

Implementing effective and strategic management of intellectual property and management systems adds value to a business. Business or investment partners are looking to work with organisations that have effective systems in place.

These include procedures for:

  • Reviewing research investments for key IP outcomes and risks.
  • Understanding contractual agreements developed with third parties and investment partners and how they impact the IP rights of the organisation or individual.
  • Understanding how use of a third party’s IP may affect future IP ownership and commercial rights of the outcomes developed from a project.
  • Internal record management systems and developing an IP Asset Register.
  • Standardisation of IP management agreements for working with partners.
  • Developing procedures for regular commercial risk assessments.
  • Staff training and internal audit systems.

The strength that IP Active provides comes from its expertise in Intellectual Property Management and from our experience of working at a corporate level and in managing large R&D programs.