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Managing Intellectual Property in Research Organisations

Research depends on past endeavours, both from team members (the source of Background IP – BIP) and from outside parties (the source of Third Party IP – TPIP). It is usual for BIP and TPIP to have restrictions on use, especially when it comes to commercialising research outcomes. TPIP may have associated royalties or BIP may be patented. Recognising if a project has BIP and/or TPIP, and having a clear understanding of any restrictions associated with the BIP or TPIP are both necessary to successfully develop project innovations. A robust and reliable IP system will be able to store and provide when needed, all IP details associated with a project, including that of BIP and TPIP.

Research & development teams are often frustrated by researchers or IP data providers not recognising or identifying IP associated with their project and not understanding the importance of supplying all the data requested of them. The process of extracting information can be annoying and slow, having to repeatedly explain that “Yes, your project does contain IP.”

If researchers, or data providers are unsure of data expectations, having an online interactive data portal can make the disclosure of complete information a quick and easier process, capable of accurately tracking changes and updates. A portal assists with the listing of associated BIP and TPIP together with anticipated project IP including details of contributions and restrictions of use in a clear and consistent manner with prompts for required information.