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Minuet Software for Intellectual Property Management

Oct 24, 2019 | IP Management

Intellectual Property Management

For research and development (R&D) investments, when it comes to managing your Intellectual Property it is hard to go past Inteum Web, the software solution for recording and reporting your IP.

The good news is that Inteum is now even more enticing with the release of next generation Minuet which builds strongly upon Inteum Web capabilities.

IP Active are certified users of Inteum and can offer licensed access to Minuet and help customise IP management to best meet the needs of your organisation and R&D teams. 

Features of an IP Management System

A versatile IP Management solution is capable of mapping the IP elements of a project according to the various needs of managers and other stakeholders.

Inteum Web’s adaptability with the customisation of set fields and with good use of the User Defined Fields (UDF’s) allows a project’s IP elements to be mapped by Technology, Project, Ownership, Equity and Revenue.

Inteum’s latest release Minuet now provides a cleaner and more customisable user experience of Inteum Web’s capabilities. Building on Inteum Web’s content customisation, Minuet now allows input forms to be shaped to the client organisation needs.

Engaging with Minuet


Remove unused fields from the out-of-the-box IP management system giving an uncluttered user interface. Minimising data entry fields means a higher likelihood that staff will record and interact with the system..


Nominate which data fields are mandatory before a record can be successfully saved and closed before moving on to the next record.


Organise the form layout to record R&D investment details in a set order as the project grows and develops from incubation to commercial maturity. This allows data entry to flow intuitively.


Group data fields into columns according to topic and application. IP records for trademarks will capture different data to that recorded for patents or PBRs (plant breeder rights). Grouping similar fields on the input form speeds up data entry.

By engaging Minuet™ through IP Active, clients experience several advantages, including access to ourlocal support and knowledge.  We provide customised instructions build into the system, such as User Tips and the Research Portal instruction paragraph.

We provide recorded videos, demonstrating step-by-step how to use the system.  We also provide help-desk support which is available during local business hours.

We can train your staff with best management practise of the system either via video conferencing or face-to-face in your offices.

If you would like to know more, or have a demonstration how Minuet™ can help you management your IP, contact our offices to arrange a time today.